We support our clients with many valuable free tools to guide and help them make informed decisions that enable them to efficiently plan their business operations.


Inquire about customs duties

Find out about the fees charged for your goods before shipping

Prohibited and permitted materials

Ensure that your goods are not prevented from importing and exporting

Shipping Calculators

Avoid extra charges on the weight of your shipment by using the weight calculator

Truck types and sizes

Learn about truck sizes to facilitate the process of choosing the right truck

Container types and sizes

Know the container sizes to facilitate the process of choosing the right truck


Read the Incoterms and terms to properly understand the business process


Our team is developing more additional tools

Shipment Tracking

Our tracking and positioning system provides convenience and safety for the merchant, keeps him informed of everything that happens to his goods, and obtains reports on the actual status of his shipment from the moment it is launched until it reaches its final destination by entering the tracking number of his shipment. Knowing the location of the shipment at any time enables the merchant to Properly manage its operations

 Business Process Analysis 

Our team applies an approach to Business Process Analysis and Documentation (BPA) and alignment of laws and regulations with applicable international standards to provide a sound basis that leads us in prioritizing reform and bottlenecks in the business process to significantly reduce complexities, automate procedures and business documents, and thus create greater transparency. The Across MENA team is the only one in Syria with a Certificate in Business Process Analysis (BPA) developed by the Trade, Investment and Innovation Division of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAPE) based on the United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade and Transport (UNNEXT) guide to simplify trade procedures